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Home Care & Repair

Our Home Care & Repair service provides a professional, low cost, reliable Handy Person service to residents of Darlington (DL1 & DL3 Postcodes).

All services are charged at a very competitive flat rate of £15 per hour and is available to everyone.


What type of jobs can the Handyperson do?

The service aims to do jobs that take no longer than 3 hours to complete, although in some circumstances, handpersons can work together to do jobs that require two people.

Examples of the type of works the handypersons can do include:

  • Home Safety - fitting smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, key safes, grabrails and removing tripping hazards such as re-fixing carpets.
  • Home Security - fitting door and windows locks, door chains and viewers.
  • Minor Electrical Works - replacing bulbs, cords, fuses and plugs.
  • General Repairs and other minor jobs - such as moving furniture, easing and refitting doors, changing curtains, lowering shelves.
  • Moving Home - the handpersons can do jobs that help you move into and settle in a new home.

What types of jobs can the Handyperson not do?

The handyperson are unable to do jobs that require a qualified tradesman, and therefore we are unable to do jobs involving:

  • Gas supply or appliances
  • Electrical Wiring, sockets or lights fittings
  • Repairs to applicance
  • Loft insulation

The handypersons are also unable to do routine gardening jobs, painting and decorating, any works above stepladder height or jobs that are expected to take more than 3 hours.

If you are a tenant, handpersons cannot do jobs that are the responsiblity of your landlord.

What if a job requires a more qualified tradesman e.g. electrician?

We operate an Age UK Darlington Approved Businesses Directory and welcome new additions. The directory contains a list of qualified tradesman all of which are checked and vetted by ourselves. An online version of the directory can be found on our website,

If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining the directory please email

What are the costs of using the service?

All clients are asked to pay for any materials needed to do the job, at cost price if we supply them, or you can provide the materials yourself, if you choose. This included items such as curtain rails, silicone sealants and carpter trims but not small items such as screws.

A call out of charge of £15 which includes the first hour will made to cover labour costs and subsequent hours will be charged at £15 per hour. The Handyperson will give an estimated time before any work is started and will keep you informed throughout the job if there is a problem and will only continue with your consent.

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